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Kiddo Qcm – Kids All in One Pre K Learning

Kiddo Qcm – Kids All in One Pre K Learning


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- All in one learning station with super-fun preschool learning games. - No need for multiple apps. Just get Kiddo Qcm – the all in one preschool learning app. - Make preschool learning fun & engaging with the Kiddo Qcm – All In One Learning station. - Get Kiddo Qcm and give your kid basic pre-k knowledge in an amusingly effective way.


Are you looking for all in one pre k learning games free? Do you want a pre kindergarten learning app that contains all of the best kids learning games? Meet Kiddo QCM – the all in one early learning game station . Including all basic skills preschool learning activities, your kid will quickly learn to write alphabets and numbers with tracing, as well as to understand shapes, veggies and fruits names, colors, animals, birds. 👦 ALL IN ONE KIDS PRESCHOOL LEARNING Choose from different 9 different learning categories all featuring kid-friendly animations, professional voice over and simple tap and match gameplay. The Kiddo Qcm unique kids characters are here to become learning buddies with your kiddos. They hold an object/letter/number that your kid needs to match on the painting platform. Even if your kid gives a wrong answer, he/she will hear the correct answer. Thus our pre kindergarten learning game allows for effective early education. 🔢🔡 FUN EXTRA ACTIVITIES ✍️🎨🥁 Besides the matching pre-k preschool learning, our kids all in one gives additional mini pre k learning games and activities. Your little ones can play an instrument, piano, color objects, draw abc tracing & numbers, and more! 💡 KIDDO QCM FEATURES - kids all in one learning station - learn birds, animals, numbers, alphabet, fruits, veggies, vehicles, shapes, colors - includes extra activities such as instrument playing, coloring, tracing, writing - cute kids characters - exquisite kid-friendly graphics - professional voice over - available in 3 languages: English, French, Arabic No matter if you need all in one 3 year old learning, 4 year old learning or 5 year old learning games, Kiddo Qcm is the perfect early learning app for you. 👉 Get Kiddo Qcm now for free!

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