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Move Photo Maker 2019

Move Photo Maker 2019

by Vanilla.Ltd

Downloads 500,000+
Monthly Download 500k
Monthly Earning
App Size 9.7 MB 10171187 bytes
Price Free No Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 3.2 from 2,581
Last Update 23 Days Ago 29-10-2019
App Age/Release 43 Days 09-10-2019
Search Score 65/100
SensorTower Score 88/100
Globalize Score 42/100
Bayusp.com Score B

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 26%

25-34 Years | 25%

35-49 Years | 24%

50-65 Years | 18%

65+ Years | 8%

Male VS Female

Male 67%
Female 33%

Release Notes

fixed some bugs.


Move Photo Maker 2019 makes it easy to create stunning animated photos and deliver a refreshing photo art. In the app, you only need to add a flow effect to the things in the photo. You can immediately get a movie-effect image, such as adding a flowing effect to the water, adding a flowing effect to the hair, and adding a flowing effect to the cloud. Use Motion Picture to give life to your photos. Apply fantastic Cinemagraph Motion - animated effects. Move Photo Maker 2019 makes it easy to add motion to your photos. Make your photos stand out.

Beta Version : data might be inaccurate