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friday night Mod Fun Sized Ruv Dance generator

friday night Mod Fun Sized Ruv Dance generator

by I love FNF this gameUmU

Downloads 10,000+
Monthly Download < 5k
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App Size 21 MB 22020096 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 4.3 from 36
Last Update 16 Days Ago 01-05-2021
App Age/Release 23 Days 24-04-2021
Search Score 51/100
SensorTower Score 53/100
Globalize Score 49/100 Score C-

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this mod can use Fun sized Ruvyzvat and you have 80+ effect waiting for you! This app is not a game, this is an app that can make you better understand, in friday night funkin, Fun sized Ruvyzvat , you can also make different sounds through operations and this app Ruv can speed up! -------------------------------------------------Disclaimer-------------------------------------------------- All the information and images in this app are under common creative license and the credit goes to their respective owners. Orignal mod download Link: This official has nothing to do with it, purely created by fans, without any interest

Beta Version : data might be inaccurate