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Jewel Sword: Immortal temple

Jewel Sword: Immortal temple


Downloads 100,000+
Monthly Download 50k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 39 MB 40894464 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 4.6 from 1,369
Last Update 10 Days Ago 05-04-2021
App Age/Release 32 Days 14-03-2021
Search Score 74/100
SensorTower Score 73/100
Globalize Score 74/100 Score A

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 23%

25-34 Years | 21%

35-49 Years | 23%

50-65 Years | 21%

65+ Years | 12%

Male VS Female

Male 48%
Female 52%

Release Notes

- Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Jewel blast game that will take you into the immortal temple. Have you heard about immortal temple in the deep forest? There are lots of jewels in the temple. The mission is to find the immortal temple in the deep forest and blast the jewels to survive in the jewels. Blast away as many jewels as possible and as quickly as possible. Jewel Sword is a match 3 game that takes place in an immortal temple in the deep forest. Match three jewels to blast them. Enjoy the bejeweled game with awesome high quality background. There are special items that have special abilities. Try out different special abilities and find out which one will help you solve the puzzle. New stages are updated monthly. Let's see who can beat all the puzzles. [Play Method] Move jewelry and match at least three identical colored jewelry. [Game Features] Numerous levels - We have 500 stages with continuous updates. Play games without entrance restrictions, but you don't need data! - There's no limit to games such as lives, so you can play as much as you want! - Play Offline Without Data (Internet) Connections! - Don't worry about Wi-Fi! Flashy graphics and simple manipulation - It's an easy game to play if you can match 3 gems of the same color. It's easy to learn, but not easy to master! Low-Memory - It's a low-memory game, so you can download it without any worry. [Notice:] 1. If you do not save in-game, the data will be initialized when the application is deleted. The data is also initialized when the device is replaced. 2. It's a free app, but it includes in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements. 3. Front, banner, and visual advertising.

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