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Emotional Intelligence Test: Intelligence Test

Emotional Intelligence Test: Intelligence Test

by Cozy Gaming

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Find out your Emotional Intelligence!


Emotional Intelligence: Emotional IQ test is part of the general IQ test series offered by Cozy Games Studios. This test is one of our tests out of 5 other tests. These tests briefly are the following: 1) IQ Test: Intelligence Test - A comprehensive detailed test meant to measure your memory, pattern recognition, and etc with detailed results of your score. 2) Quantitative IQ test 3) Memory Test 4) Emotional IQ Test 5) Logical IQ test With the last 4 small tests, we thought to give our users who are interested in testing only one aspect of their intelligence a brief but to the point experience. With emotional intelligence test, you will be asked 40 "yes" or "no" questions. At the end of the test, we will be calculating your EQ score regarding your answers. There are no right or wrong answers. Each person has different skill sets across a wide range of parameters. Someone who has high logical IQ might have lower emotional IQ. Regardless, solve the test yourself and find out your emotional IQ score. Important Note: This test is prepared for entertainment and education purposes. The results should not be taken too seriously. They are only an indication of your emotional skills in a brief and fun way. For serious calculation, we suggest to visit professional psychiatrists and educators. Enjoy! - Cozy Gaming Studios

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