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Muddy Racers

Muddy Racers

by Metis Apps

Downloads 1,000+
Monthly Download < 5k
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App Size 78 MB 81788928 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
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Last Update 23 Days Ago 21-04-2021
App Age/Release 14 Days 30-04-2021
Search Score 12/100
SensorTower Score 0/100
Globalize Score 25/100 Score F

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Release Notes

First release of the game.


Clank! Slide that vehicle into drive. This is Muddy Racers, the most rockin’ off-road race game you’ll ever play. FEATURES: - Offroad racing — lots of tracks, from uphill drives to mud packing track, vertical climbs, and more. - 4X4 wheels for your style — choose from a variety of racing vehicles. Trucks, tractors, cars, and soooo much more. - Exciting gameplay — enjoy the trills of off-road racing. Head uphill, downhill, pull along, and sling that mud everywhere as you go. - This is a racing game you won’t soon forget! So pull yourself into the driver’s seat, and let’s go!

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