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The Spike - Volleyball Story

The Spike - Volleyball Story


Downloads 500,000+
Monthly Download 100k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 131 MB 137363456 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 4.6 from 17,720
Last Update 3 Days Ago 11-05-2021
App Age/Release 72 Days 03-03-2021
Search Score 60/100
SensorTower Score 78/100
Globalize Score 41/100 Score C+

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 36%

25-34 Years | 22%

35-49 Years | 19%

50-65 Years | 16%

65+ Years | 7%

Male VS Female

Male 68%
Female 32%

Release Notes

Bugs that were discovered have been fixed.


The Spike returns with a new design. Play the new remastered version now! You’ll be surprised. (Warning) The game may be somewhat difficult. A little practice and you'll get the hang of it in no time. Game Introduction A game developed by volleyball-loving high school students!!!! Arcade style retro graphics!!!! Try serving a spike before saying anything. Game Characteristics ■ A volleyball game developed by a high school indie development team! - Expect huge and frequent updates! ■ A game where the developers kept communicating with players! - This game was able to make a comeback, thanks to the support of so many! ■ Let your stress melt away with the beautiful sound of a spike! - No more stress from school and work! ■ The hyperactive sounds will make it feel like a workout! - The sounds of shoes screeching on the floor give the feel of intense exercise! ■ A game that showcases the future of indie games in Korea! - This is how advanced high school students are! Created by volleyball lovers, “The Spike: Remastered” Create your player and progress through the story! In volleyball, the middle hitter may be quite important, but the skills of the setter are what dominate the game! Your precious ratings and reviews greatly encourage the developers :) ■ Access Guide [Required Access] - Storage: Used to store data on the SD card in case the device runs low on memory.

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