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by End Game Interactive, Inc.

Downloads 500,000+
Monthly Download 300k
Monthly Earning
App Size 133 MB 139460608 bytes
Price Free No Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 4.1 from 3,009
Last Update 3 Days Ago 12-04-2021
App Age/Release 133 Days 03-12-2020
Search Score 59/100
SensorTower Score 85/100
Globalize Score 33/100 Score C+

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 37%

25-34 Years | 26%

35-49 Years | 18%

50-65 Years | 13%

65+ Years | 7%

Male VS Female

Male 60%
Female 40%

Release Notes

- Added new feature: Minimap! This should help you find your way around the map much easier without having to open a full size map to locate your tasks. - Performance improvements: we've been working hard to try and improve lag issues and low FPS - Updated cinematics: We've upgraded the visuals of the spaceship ejection cinematic - Bugfix: The mimic effect should no longer randomly trigger for betrayers


It’s a mystery! Betrayal is a multiplayer mystery game where you and 6-12 other players work together to solve who among you is a betrayer to the crew! HOW TO PLAY Are you a crewmate or a betrayer? Crewmates will work together to complete tasks around the map to win, but make sure to stay alert! Betrayers among the crew will sneak around to cause disruptions and eliminate your fellow crewmates. Between rounds, you and your teammates will discuss who could be the betrayer. Did you see anything suspicious? Did you see someone sneaking around your eliminated crewmate? After discussing together, you will get to vote on who you think is betraying the crew. Warning: if you guess wrong and vote out an innocent crewmate, the betrayers will be even closer to winning! MULTIPLE FUN ROLES - Crewmates: to win, crewmates must complete all of their tasks and / or work together to discover and vote out the betrayer! - Betrayers: if you’re a betrayer your goal is to eliminate crewmates and cause disruptions to their tasks! - Sheriff: a sheriff’s job is to protect your fellow crewmates. Complete tasks and gather information so that you can eliminate a betrayer to save your crew! Be careful! If you eliminate a crewmate, you will also eliminate yourself! - Jester: your objective is to convince the crew that you are the betrayer! Trick them into voting you out to win! VARIETY OF MAPS AND MODES Betrayal offers multiple game modes and maps! - Core mode is the default mode that allows you to play with crewmates and betrayers - Hide & Seek is a fun new mode where crewmates must avoid not only betrayers, but also a monster that will seek out and eliminate you! Work together to find your tasks and complete them before you’re found! Want a change in scenery? Betrayal offers fun maps to choose from! - Spaceship: board the spaceship for a trip to an unknown galaxy! - Haunted Mansion: a two-story map with a spooky theme! Looking for a change of pace? Take a break and relax with friends in Betrayal's unique fishing lobby! Complete quests, upgrade your fishing gear, and try your best to catch the biggest fish! CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER Show off your style! You can customize your own unique look with a large collection of features, garments, accessories, hats, and pets! CONSTANTLY UPDATING Betrayal is always evolving to bring new and fun content! Keep an eye out for new maps, modes, and cosmetics coming in the future! Game Features: - Play online with friends or other players from across the world - Customize your character with a variety of fun features, skins, and pets - New maps, modes, and roles consistently updated - Easy and fun gameplay - Unique and beautiful art style Join our Discord server for more information, announcements, or to share your suggestions with us:

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