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Free GPS Tracker - Location Analysis and Geofences

Free GPS Tracker - Location Analysis and Geofences

by GeoIdeas

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Last Update 32 Days Ago 14-03-2021
App Age/Release 43 Days 03-03-2021
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Release Notes

Simplified startup process Service start bug fix. Turn services off when the device location is off.


Free GPS Tracker is a free GPS tracking and analysis app designed to allow users to review past journeys. Continuous tracking is done in the background and will work even when the app is not active. Your GPS history can be exported as regular maps or speed maps to KML and shared. Free GPS Tracker also supports geofences. It allows alerts to be raised when zones are entered, exited, or both. This feature is equipped with a day of week and time of day filter. Finally, the location-sharing feature allows you to share your location and create custom maps with points and lines. Features - GPS Logging - GPS History Visualization - GPS History Speed Maps - Speed Charts - GPS Location History KML Export - Geofence Alerts - Map Drawings - Location Sharing

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