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Battle of Enemy : Commando Strike

Battle of Enemy : Commando Strike


Downloads 50,000+
Monthly Download < 5k
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App Size 30 MB 31457280 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 4.5 from 320
Last Update 16 Days Ago 05-04-2021
App Age/Release 24 Days 28-03-2021
Search Score 28/100
SensorTower Score 0/100
Globalize Score 57/100 Score F

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Release Notes

Thank you for playing Battle Enemy: Commando Strike. Let's take a look at the new update. Since we know that some users are experiencing crashing issues, we've fixed most of them. If you encounter an error like this, feel free to message [email protected] - Some known bugs fixed. - The number of ads has been reduced. - The problem of getting stuck in the game has been fixed.


Battle of Enemy: Commando Strike is a 3D and High Graphics Mobile FPS Game. This Mobile FPS You Can Use Your Skills To Defeat Your Enemies The Game Will Give You Moments Full of Action. Battle of Enemy with High Graphics: Commando Strike is Optimized for Low-Specification Mobile Devices. Try to Defeat Your Enemies in Commando Strike with 2 Different Maps and Weapons with Unique Features! In This Mobile FPS Game Where Your Skills Stand Out You Have to Struggle to Win. How to Play Battle of Enemy: Commando Strike? Getting Started With The Game You Are Given The Starting Gear. Fight to Defeat Your Enemies, Starting Your Mission Quickly. If You Are Successful At the End of the Mission, You are Qualified for Rewards. This Way, You Can Unlock New Equipment In The Market! Complete Missions! Completing the Missions in this Mobile FPS Game Full of Challenge Depends entirely on Your Skills! If You Are Confident In Your Skills, By Buying The Suitable Gear From The Market, Advanced Level You Can Start Tasks. You will experience non-stop fun in this mobile FPS game that combines action and combat! Improve Your Equipment! Win Rewards By Winning The Fight With Your Enemies. You Can Improve Your Equipment With These Awards. Unlock New Gear Available in the Market You can open it. You Can Get New Gear Like Pistols, Shotguns, Scanners, Snipers! Unlock New Episodes! After Successfully Finishing the Beginner Tasks, You Are Ready for the Advanced Tasks. Fearlessly Advanced, Now With Your Skills Proven You Can Start Their Tasks. Fight Your Enemies! You Will Fight Your Enemies In This Action-Packed Mobile FPS Game. Don't worry if you lose it, you'll have a chance to try again. If You Are With Your Enemies If You Win the Challenge, You Can Get Rewards at the End of the Mission! So You Can Buy New Gear, Enjoy Non-Stop Fun in This Action-Packed Mobile FPS Game. You can continue! Battle of Enemy: Commando Strike Features: -2 Different Detailed Maps -10+ Upgradeable Gear -More than 200+ Action-Packed Missions -Ability Based FPS Game -Different Equipments such as Pump, Pistol, Scanning, Sniper -Realistic Graphics and Sound Effects Other Features -Free FPS Game Enjoyment -Easy Playing Mechanics - Continuous Action -Optimized for Low Specification Devices

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