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Blockchain Messenger and Digital Signature App

Blockchain Messenger and Digital Signature App

by VIC Marketing

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App Size 1.5 MB 1572864 bytes
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Rating 5.0 from 17
Last Update 23 Days Ago 24-04-2021
App Age/Release 18 Days 29-04-2021
Search Score 7/100
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Globalize Score 15/100 Score F

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Release Notes

Simple, yet powerful


Proof of Existence: the simplest and fastest way to sign, secure and prove the existence and ownership of your work, all while keeping it totally private. Share messages on Blockchain: share your special moments forever, happy birthday and anniversary wishes, poems, recipes. Send any message to the blockchain and it will stay there forever, decentralized and unchangeable. No Censorship, your message cannot be modified or removed! Inkblok was designed to make the complex process of signing, securing and proving the existence of your work simple and fast. In one click, Inkblok allows you to sign and secure your digital work of any size and format. By publishing that unique signature on the blockchain, a publicly owned, global, decentralized ledger, Inkblok creates an immutable, incorruptible and verifiable public record of your work, all while never uploading your actual file, which always remains private and on your device. Inkblok allows you to generate a digital signature for a file and posts that signature on the blockchain, providing Proof of Existence (PoE).

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