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Kids Games, preschool puzzle coloring app for baby

Kids Games, preschool puzzle coloring app for baby

by Kids Games CJSC

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Last Update 5 Days Ago 07-05-2021
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Love to learn with kid games! Kid games to engage and entertain! Fun toddler games for preschoolers! FEATURES:

 ● Engage babies and kids ages 0-5 with learning. ● Vibrant, fun graphics. ● Four games with dozens of levels! ● Ear-catching sound and audio. ● Easy and addictive gameplay, perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids. ● Compatible with Android phones and tablets. ENTERTAIN BABIES AND PRESCHOOLERS WHILE THEY LEARN NEW SKILLS Hey, Parents! Do games for babies and kid games leave your tots bored after just seconds of playtime? We’ve been there too. That’s why we created free children games to help our kids reach crucial educational milestones, practice fine motor skills, and fall in love with learning. With dozens of game levels to choose from, our toddler games will be a welcome addition to your child’s learning and educational toolkit. FREE TODDLER GAMES FOR GROWING HEARTS AND MINDS As experienced parents and educators, we know how to keep kids happy and entertained. That’s why we’ve created FOUR games for kids in one free app. Each game affords dozens of levels, giving your child or student hundreds of hours of discovery! FOUR GAMES INCLUDED WITH DOZENS OF LEVELS! Our free app is chock-full of games for 2 3 4 5 year old boys and games for 2 3 4 5 year old girls. We’ve developed just the right mix to entertain every child from ages 0 – 5, whether they want to practice logic, motor, or imagination skills. • MATCH ‘EM – Your kids will love our matching discovery game. This game is a terrific way for curious youngsters to match familiar and unfamiliar objects to silhouette shapes. Choose from fruit, sweet treats, sports, music, games, and many more levels! • MIX UP – Give your kids the freedom to sort simple scrambles in a captivating jungle landscape. Choose adorable animals, such as lions, elephants, and many more! • JIGSAW – Youngsters will enjoy hours of play solving simple, four-piece puzzles of popular animals and food items to expand their concentration skills. • DRAWING – A favorite among toddlers, kids coloring encourages your child’s imagination to bloom, thanks to a rich palette of 9 colors to bring trains, animals, and other wonders to life! TODDLER GAMES FOR FREE Our app includes a variety of games for toddlers and babies that will keep kids entertained for hours. Choose from games designed to encourage young children to get a head start on preschool and kindergarten. • MOTOR SKILLS: Practice fine and gross motor coordination with jigsaws and jumbles. • GET CREATIVE: Kids coloring and drawing games are perfect to explore the imagination. • CONCENTRATE, FOCUS: Our kids games give your child or student the chance to practice sitting still to focus on a project. Concentration and focus skills will set them up for success in school. GAME SET-UP: To start, choose from four games on the main menu: Match up, Mix ‘em, Jigsaw, and Drawing. Once you’ve chosen a game, your child can select the level they’re interested in. GAMEPLAY: Kids games 4 kids are easy to play. Once a level is chosen, all that’s left to do is solve age-appropriate puzzles and explore limitless creativity. We’re so excited to introduce young kids to the wonderful world of learning. That’s why we’ve made our baby and toddler games for kids absolutely free! Give kids a head start on the amazing road ahead, today!

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