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Magic Run - Mana Master

Magic Run - Mana Master

by DongTz Melo

Downloads 50,000+
Monthly Download 6k
Monthly Earning
App Size 72 MB 75497472 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 3.6 from 72
Last Update 2 Days Ago 15-05-2021
App Age/Release 26 Days 21-04-2021
Search Score 65/100
SensorTower Score 59/100
Globalize Score 71/100 Score B

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Release Notes

Enhance Game Experience: -Add spell skills ”Battle Teleport”, "Lv2 Levitation", and "Portal". -More Bosses!


Are you ready for rush, magical clash and survive? Let’s see how far you can get in this magical racing adventure: Magic Run - Mana Master! In the fantasy magical world, show your superpower & push' em down! Start running! Gather a massive energy balls along your way. Dodge any obstacles, beat the boss and win! Intuitive controls to slide left or right, jump in the sky to avoid obstacles. Your combat power can be increased by collecting more energy balls. There are many obstacles on your way, you need to avoid them by jumping or sliding. Careful the red lasers and deadly traps! If you touch too many red lasers, you will be easily defeated by the boss! When fighting against the boss, you need to release several magic attacks, and then click on the screen at the fastest speed to launch a series of shockwaves. Pay attention to super bosses! They will appear at certain levels! Tap the screen as fast as possible. Powerful attacks can blow the boss further and increase the score multiple! HOW TO PLAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -COLLECT as much Energy Balls as possible -DODGE red lasers -AVOID traps -FIGHT against bosses with magic -EXCHANGE diamonds for bullet styles FEATURES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Colorful and vivid graphics -Various game backgrounds and bullet styles -Well-designed unique levels -Deadly traps and aggressive bosses -Extremely smooth movements -Is a completely free game! Download the AMAZING game now to challenge your courage and wit!

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