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Miku New Mod In Friday Night Music

Miku New Mod In Friday Night Music

by JungleGreen

Downloads 10,000+
Monthly Download 8k
Monthly Earning
App Size 23 MB 24117248 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 2.7 from 113
Last Update 34 Days Ago 13-04-2021
App Age/Release 27 Days 20-04-2021
Search Score 66/100
SensorTower Score 60/100
Globalize Score 72/100 Score B

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Release Notes

Miku comes to friday night funkin to make the game even more fun


Miku new mod in friday night week. Miku is an idol who came to compete with boyfriend. In friday night funkin, she has light blue hair and her hair is tied up with a red ribbon. Miku has a cute face and big eyes. She wears a black and blue idol shirt and wears long black and blue boots. Because hatsune miku friday funkin and boyfriend's hair are both blue, some poeple say that have a family connection. Miku mod in this addon has a different music genre than other mods. Usually we only hear beep bob, while hatsune miku x friday night funkin along sing in cute sound and of course the song brought is very interesting to hear. Although miku mod has a cute face, but she is one of the mods that has a high level of difficulty. Miku can bring out an annoyed and angry facial expression. this is what makes the new mod miku in combination of friday night funkin more fun and different from other mods. Girlfriend also seeing battle between boyfriend vs miku and it should be fun right? What are you waiting for? Immediately play the new mod miku from this friday night funkin fun mode. And feel for yourself the cuteness and excitement of the game between miku vs boyfriend!!

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