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Downloads 100,000+
Monthly Download 7k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 25 MB 26214400 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 4.2 from 121
Last Update 15 Days Ago 27-04-2021
App Age/Release 665 Days 17-07-2019
Search Score 57/100
SensorTower Score 61/100
Globalize Score 52/100 Score C

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Release Notes

Results of bulk identification are displayed after you purchase them. Damage reduction death point upgrade can be disabled. Possibly fixed memory error in idle mode when farming deaths. Nerfed barbarian ignore damage percent upgrade (from 80% max to 60% max). Minor offline processing optimizations. Reduced logging by a lot.


This is an Action RPG with some clicker game elements. This game let's you play either as an active RPG, or as an idle game. The idle gameplay is still being worked on, but it's playable. Explore the world, brave dangerous dungeons, gather Heroism, build a party, find precious items, go up levels, learn skills, unlock upgrades, and kill lots and lots of monsters. This game looks like a Roguelike, but there is no permadeath. Actually, there is no punishment for death at all, other than a short pause, where you may consider your life choices and spend your precious death points.

Beta Version : data might be inaccurate