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Kiko: Lola Bakery - Puzzle & Idle Store Tycoon

Kiko: Lola Bakery - Puzzle & Idle Store Tycoon

by MNC Games

Downloads 50,000+
Monthly Download 30k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 77 MB 80740352 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 3.9 from 668
Last Update 5 Days Ago 27-05-2020
App Age/Release 71 Days 22-03-2020
Search Score 45/100
SensorTower Score 70/100
Globalize Score 20/100 Score D

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Release Notes

Version 1.1.1 - Minor updates and improvements - Minor bugs fixed


From popular TV animation series that tells the story of Kiko, a fish-boy that lives in Asri Town with his friends. Lola has to utilize her cooking skill to help Asri Town townfolks build their business, whether it’s a doughnut shop, cupcake shop, and many other delicious pastries. ★ DELICIOUS PUZZLE: Help Lola and her friends complete every level of this delicious puzzle. ★ A BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF KIKO: Explore beloved Asri Town filled with delicious food stores that transform as the game progress. ★ TRUE COMPANIONS: Enlist help from KIKO and friends that is always ready to help Lola finish her puzzle. ★ FULL OF PRIZES AND SURPRISES: Find many prizes and interesting surprises every day when you revisit Lola Bakery. ★ INFINITE INCOME: Earn income from every shop, even when you’re not playing.

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