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PlantIn: Plant Identification

PlantIn: Plant Identification

by PlantIn

Downloads 100+
Monthly Download 20k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 9.1 MB 9542041 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
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Last Update 29 Days Ago 17-03-2021
App Age/Release 43 Days 03-03-2021
Search Score 47/100
SensorTower Score 67/100
Globalize Score 27/100 Score D+

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 23%

25-34 Years | 22%

35-49 Years | 22%

50-65 Years | 21%

65+ Years | 13%

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Male 57%
Female 43%

Release Notes

PlantIn First Release!


PlantIn features which help your garden prosper: • Plant identification Maybe you are not sure which plant you have? You can just take a picture of it and we will instantly let you know. With our extended text search, you can look for air cleaning plants or non-poisonous ones. Just write your thoughts and see our app provided options • Plant Disease Identifier With our exclusive AI-based Disease identification algorithm, you can check your plants for problems and get a proper cure plan. • Professional Care Guides Ever wonder what is professional plant care? Wonder no more, with our detailed plant care guides made by professionals • Care Reminders You will also love our notification system, which will always guide you on your journey of caring for your tiny green pal so that you'd never forget when it needs your attention. Gardening never was so easy. All the care requirements handled automatically, so you don't need to find your plant requirements on your own. • Expert help Something is happening to your plant and you can't figure out why or what? Our professional gardeners are there to help you, ask any question you want, and receive a detailed treatment guide! • Plant Journal Track your plant care. Never forget when was the last care time. Watch how your plant change through time with a photo diary. You don't need to remember your plant conditions each time, let PlantIn handle it for you. So you can relax and check your plant progress in a diary. • Easy and User-Friendly Design Our design received a lot of great feedback for its simpleness and usability. Try out how easy plant care management could be. • Step by step guides Do you love plants but lack a green thumb? If so, you can use the easy, step by step care-instructions on how to care for your green friends. We've gathered the advice of the top home gardeners to give you the ultimate formula of caring for your plants. • Wishlist of plants you'd like to add Found plant which you'd like to get? Add it to the wishlist not to forget to purchase it. • All the info - just to be sure Perhaps you are good at caring for plants, but you just want to make sure you are doing everything right. Find out everything you need to know about what your green companions prefer Have you ever wondered when to water your plant, or how to cut its leaves? Wonder no more, you can get all the required information from PlantIn.

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