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How To Raise a Harem

How To Raise a Harem

by 나니소프트

Downloads 100,000+
Monthly Download 20k
Monthly Earning $90k
App Size 64 MB 67108864 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 3.5 from 784
Last Update 51 Days Ago 22-03-2021
App Age/Release 155 Days 08-12-2020
Search Score 54/100
SensorTower Score 78/100
Globalize Score 29/100 Score C

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 37%

25-34 Years | 21%

35-49 Years | 19%

50-65 Years | 16%

65+ Years | 7%

Male VS Female

Male 72%
Female 28%

Release Notes

Global Open


"30 minutes a day" unattended collection RPG game, “How To Raise a Harem” Global open! ■ Introduction to the game■ #1 TWICE: Once with your eyes and once with your ears! Feel the joy through illustrations with various charms and character CV that share your daily life from morning to evening. #2 Neglected systems for busy modern people Even if you don't access the game, rewards will be accumulated, and play the game comfortably through a neglected system where characters grow. #3 Endless elements of strategy In order to win in various contents such as stage and guild boss, it is essential to get buff considering your own deck composition and properties! Feel the thrill of winning the battle through strategic play. [Min Spec] - Android OS 5.0 and later [Access Guide] 1. (Required) Allow storage (device pictures, media, files) access - You need this privilege to save the file on your device that you need to run the game. - Request SD card write/read permission to download resources. - The Storage space (device pictures, media, files) access permission includes permissions to use storage. You need permission because you cannot read/write the information you need to use the game when you do not have permission. [How to set and retract access rights] 1. Android 6.0 or higher - How to withdraw by access: Device Settings>Apps>View more (Settings and Controls)>App Settings>App Permissions>Select applicable access rights>Approval or withdrawal - How to withdraw by app: Device setting>App>Select applicable app>Select permission>Approach permission or withdrawal 2. Android version less than 6.0 - Because of the nature of the operating system, it is not possible to withdraw access permission, so you can only revoke access if you delete the app. We recommend that you upgrade the Android version. [Customer Service] - Customer consultation: 070-7600-4541 - E-mail: [email protected]

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