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Super Hero Rope Crime City

Super Hero Rope Crime City

by Game Pickle

Downloads 50,000+
Monthly Download 5k
Monthly Earning
App Size 65 MB 68157440 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 3.8 from 39
Last Update 9 Days Ago 06-04-2021
App Age/Release 21 Days 25-03-2021
Search Score 59/100
SensorTower Score 58/100
Globalize Score 61/100 Score C+

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Release Notes

- Reduced app size - Grenades now deal damage to player as intended - Collectibles counter doesn't reset back to zero when leaving gameplay - Combat adjustments to remove issues with effects - Background bug fixes to improve overall gameplay


It is time to be a real super hero. Non-stop web-slinging action as the crime-fighting superhero of the city in the best rope swing hero simulator! The city is in turmoil from dangerous criminals, it is up to your rope swinging action to stop criminals with ultimate crime-fighting powers of a real rope hero swinging in to save the day. Show off your amazing rope swinging action skills in combat and exploring the huge city as the ultimate rope superhero! !!SWING INTO ACTION IN ONE OF THE BEST ROPE HERO ACTION GAMES!! Experience real hero action, fight crooks, and criminals with rope superhero abilities and gear. Unlock new abilities to stop villains from taking over the city at all costs! The new hero action fighter swings into battle, incredible, explosive new powers to become the ultimate crime-fighter of the city. Wall crawl up buildings to reach the top of tallest skyscrapers for a view of the whole city and a eagle-eye view of crimes in action. Jump down to save the day and defeat the enemies in the streets using an amazing acrobatic crime-fighting style! Be amazed at real rope hero swinging action, smooth acrobatic movement and combat action animations for the ultimate crime-fighter simulator. Shoot web rope, kick, punch, and shoot your way around the city to help protect it from the rising crime and future villains. Become one of the best super heroes in the latest crime-fighting simulator. Download Super Hero Rope Crime City now to fight crime and shoot rope web, punches, and kicks combos for an intense action 3D simulator game experience!

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