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Rock Identifier

Rock Identifier

by Next Vision Limited

Downloads 50,000+
Monthly Download 60k
Monthly Earning $10k
App Size 28 MB 29360128 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 4.4 from 588
Last Update 14 Days Ago 01-04-2021
App Age/Release 37 Days 09-03-2021
Search Score 56/100
SensorTower Score 76/100
Globalize Score 36/100 Score C

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 26%

25-34 Years | 22%

35-49 Years | 21%

50-65 Years | 20%

65+ Years | 11%

Male VS Female

Male 59%
Female 41%

Release Notes

- Improve identification accuracy - A few minor bugs have been fixed for smoother user experience


Rock identification has gotten easier with the Rock Identifier App. Simply take or upload a picture of your rock, and Rock Identifier can help you identify it in seconds. Start exploring, learning, and recording your geological surroundings with Rock Identifier! Key features: -Identify many kinds of rocks -An impressive accuracy rate for photo identification -Rich learning source about rocks -Beautifully-designed and user-friendly interface -Record your geological observations, easily build your own rock collection in the app

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