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Status Keeper

Status Keeper

by Space Y

Downloads 100,000+
Monthly Download 60k
Monthly Earning
App Size 7.5 MB 7864320 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 3.3 from 101
Last Update 6 Days Ago 11-05-2021
App Age/Release 24 Days 23-04-2021
Search Score 60/100
SensorTower Score 74/100
Globalize Score 46/100 Score B-

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Status Keeper is an easy and simple tool to keep WA status files to local storage. No extra unwanted options. Got exactly what you wanted.
 How to use? Install the Status Keeper app and open it. Then view your friends' status in whatsapp as normal. After that, the pictures, videos and texts you viewed will be listed in the keeper. Click the download icon which you want to save to local storage. That's it. So easy!
 You can use it to download status to your internal storage. The status keeper app is compatible with any version of phone. The WA status backup function let you save your status easily without any problem.
 This new WA keeper app is small, safe, fast, and totally free. The free downloader helps to keep videos and photos. It's a WA story saver. Download status and see them without internet afterward or share to your friends from your local phone. You can keep WA status you desired. The WA keeper app is an entirely free status saver app and very easy to download status. It helps keep images, videos and highlight moments.

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