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Sarvente Week Friday Night Mid Fight Masses Mod

Sarvente Week Friday Night Mid Fight Masses Mod

by JungleGreen

Downloads 10,000+
Monthly Download 10k
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App Size 23 MB 24117248 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 2.7 from 79
Last Update 34 Days Ago 13-04-2021
App Age/Release 27 Days 20-04-2021
Search Score 60/100
SensorTower Score 65/100
Globalize Score 56/100 Score B-

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Release Notes

Meet sarvente and ruv in friday night funkin


Boyfriend and girlfriend meet sarvente accidentally meet in the toilet. From the meeting, sarvente took boyfriend and girlfriend to church. But because they don't want to, sarvente invites boyfriends to compete. If sarvente wins, boyfriend and girlfriend must go to church. Here's the short story of the meeting that created the game sarvente week friday night mid fight masses mod. At the time of the match, sarvente was one of the strongest opponents. Not only that if sarvente loses or is in trouble, he will call Ruv. Ruv is a friend of Sarvente's who will always help her when she is in trouble. Ruv is very strong and fast, so it's very hard to beat. It's hard not to be able to, instead it will be a challenge for you to be able to beat them in sarvente week friday night mid fight masses mod. Songs or music that sarvente and ruv sing is also interesting and good like opera music. So it makes you feel fun to play this game. Sarvente and ruv are a team known as mid-fight masses. Mid-Fight Masses is a mod that adds an entire week with 3 songs, cutscenes, a hidden 4th song, and various other features, such as a remix of the Tutorial. In this mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend wanders into a church, and end up battling the nun, Sarvente there. But not all is as it seems.

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