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XKCD Password Gen

XKCD Password Gen

by Nick Skelton

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Last Update 374 Days Ago 12-04-2020
App Age/Release 280 Days 15-07-2020
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Initial release


A simple and elegant password generator based on the good humour of XKCD's comical take on the ridiculous usability of modern passwords D0e5 th15 k1nd 0f [email protected] l00k fam1l18r? Try communicating that sentence to a human... better yet, try remembering it. Worse, hackers have no problem guessing such a password since the 'clever' substitutions; zero = o, @ = a, 1 = i, 5 = s... are both predictable and automatable. Any decent hacker will figure these kinds of passwords out very easily. Most password generators produce garbage and indeed many registration forms demand it. But it's not based on science, rather on fear and ignorance. Several random readable words are just as safe as a garbage password, with the advantage that they can be both easily remembered and easily transferred. Enter this app. Enjoy.

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