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Let's Cook! Pucca : Food Truck World Tour

Let's Cook! Pucca : Food Truck World Tour


Downloads 50,000+
Monthly Download 40k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 34 MB 35651584 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 3.9 from 117
Last Update 9 Days Ago 03-05-2021
App Age/Release 29 Days 13-04-2021
Search Score 49/100
SensorTower Score 71/100
Globalize Score 27/100 Score D+

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Shooing the ninjas to running food truck business, etc... There's just SO MUCH TO DO!!! 😱 But to run this business into a MEGA SUCCESSFUL global business, Let's Play! & Let's Cook! with Pucca! 🍟FUN POINTS🍔 - Cute and unique characters are in one place! LET'S GATHER new customers! - Ninjas are disturbing the customers! Quick! LET'S GET RID of the ninjas! - Starting with the abandonded hand cart to the luxurious food truck! LET'S UPGRADE your ride! - In order to earn more hearts and coins, LET'S COOK whatever the customers want! - To run a global business LET'S TRAVEL worldwide and make all kinds of food! - Purchase fortune cookie and LET'S DECORATE my own business however I want!! 🍕DATA SAVE🥨 This game saves data to your device. If you delete the game,#your game progress will be lost.

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