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by TOHO CO.,Ltd

Downloads 50,000+
Monthly Download 20k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 116 MB 121634816 bytes
Price Free + Ads + InApp Purchase
Rating 3.9 from 691
Last Update 14 Days Ago 28-04-2021
App Age/Release 32 Days 10-04-2021
Search Score 68/100
SensorTower Score 68/100
Globalize Score 68/100 Score B+

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 36%

25-34 Years | 23%

35-49 Years | 19%

50-65 Years | 16%

65+ Years | 7%

Male VS Female

Male 71%
Female 29%

Release Notes



Become Godzilla and go on a worldwide rampage! The exciting action game "Godzilla Destruction" has arrived! Crush entire cities with just two simple actions: Drag to move and release to attack! 〇Game Overview: Skills: Destroy enemies to earn EXP and increase your level! Learn new skills as you level up! Upgrade Your Kaiju: Use items earned from clearing stages and spinning gacha to make your Kaiju even more powerful! Gacha: Spin the gacha to win Kaiju and upgrade items! World: Make cities across the globe tremble in the wake of Godzilla's enormous power! Shop: Exchange gems obtained by clearing areas for upgrade items and powerful Kaiju! Kaiju Field Guide: Build your own original Kaiju collection!

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