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Video Call for Fgteev And Chat Simulator

Video Call for Fgteev And Chat Simulator


Downloads 10,000+
Monthly Download < 5k
Monthly Earning
App Size 9.3 MB 9751756 bytes
Price Free + Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating 4.3 from 251
Last Update 31 Days Ago 15-03-2021
App Age/Release 33 Days 13-03-2021
Search Score 41/100
SensorTower Score 54/100
Globalize Score 28/100 Score D-

User Age Presentage

18-24 Years | 38%

25-34 Years | 23%

35-49 Years | 17%

50-65 Years | 14%

65+ Years | 8%

Male VS Female

Male 48%
Female 52%


FGTeev call you : Fake call and video call application to accompany your days in your free time when you feel lonelyand boring then entertain yourself with fake calls from your idol. Get and download this application right away for free. You will feel how close you are to your FGTeev Fake Video Call. Family Team fake video call is an entertainment application where you can prank your friends with fake call & fake sms - For the fans of family team gaming videos we have introduced a brand new experience by making fake phone calls from the different family team characters like duddy call, shawn and lexi & many more. fake. Enjoy Prank calling app Fake call Fgteev Family features : - no Crashes - Hd graphics to make the app most beautiful - updates Every Week - Lovley how deep is your love ringtone - Easy to play and have fun with your friends - Real voice of your FGTeeV How to Get a free call from Fgteev Family : - Chose calling Fgteev Family - Wait a moment then you will recive the call from Fgteev Family - Enjoy with how deep is your love ringtone accpet the call to hear the hero voice - you can also have fake coversation and video call whith your Fgteev Family In Real Life Great fun with prank calling app fgteev duddy games in front of friends and family. In this app you will receive prank call from fgteev games in such a realistic way that no one can guess that its fake. Enjoy Prank calling app if you want find fgteev games that they play You can also receive call from your friends or any person in the world. DISCLAIMER: This app is just for fun. If you pretend that fgteev or any other person is calling you, Its all on your behalf. We are not responsible of any thing. fgteev will never be calling you in real life. This app is developed to entertain your children only and they really enjoy this app. this app does not bear any harm and is only for fun, Enjoy!

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