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Super Warrior: Dragon Legend

Super Warrior: Dragon Legend

by liuliuyou

Downloads 1+
Monthly Download 7k
Monthly Earning < $5k
App Size 87 MB 91226112 bytes
Price Free No Ads No InApp Purchase
Rating from 0
Last Update 42 Days Ago 04-03-2021
App Age/Release 37 Days 09-03-2021
Search Score 48/100
SensorTower Score 61/100
Globalize Score 34/100 Score D+

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Fixed bugs


In a different magical land, the world is thrown into chaos due to powerful enemies. Our super warrior´╝îIt's time to rebuild the world order! Come and join the adventure´╝îstart the exciting battle! Super Warrior: Dragon Legend is an epic IDLE RPG game. Come and build your strongest team FEATURES - IDLE Auto-Battle,easy to get generous rewards - Simple operation, friendly User Interface - Interesting and Cool Skill Effects (especially, the transform to super saiyan effect) - Abundant plot, huge number of familiar characters

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